What is Ghostbusters ?

Ghostbusters started as an EOS testnet focused on researching and rehearsing the best practices for running the eosio software in as secure way as possible. It all started because we were worried about the lack of focus regarding infrastructure security.

The Ghostbusters Security Approach was founded by EOS Rio and HKEOS, but has since received contributions from Sw/eden, eosDAC, EOS Tribe, EOS 42, Sheos and many more BPCs in the infrastructure telegram channel. You can see the BPCs active in the network here.

Since this is a community driven project we feel that collaboration between BPCs is very important. This is an educational process and we invite more BPCs to participate in this.

Ghostbusters started as a research environment, not a launch initiative. It quickly attracted the attention from the community and other BPCs who were feeling the same way we do concerning security. Then people started recommending it as a launch approach.

Launch Flow Chart

The launch flow chart below was the launch procedure proposed by the Ghostbusters team. A lot of the strategy shown in the chart was implemented for a secure and stable launch.